Happy Anniversary, California!

Sep 19, 2018

Monday was my 21st Caliversary…that’s right, I’ve now lived in California for more than half of my life.

DID I CELEBRATE?! You know it!

First, I worked my butt off because living in California, especially in the Bay Area, means you gotta hustle to pay those bills – BAM!

Next, I put a few more pieces into the puzzle of Italy I’m working on, while also talking with my live-in winemaker about the exact best time to go pick some Sauvignon Blanc grapes which are ready to be harvested but his back is out so the heavy lifting is all on me and gaaaaaah #winecountrylife amiright?!

After all of this, we went to our Monday night Community Ed Spanish class, because we think it’s important to speak California’s native language. Also, we love going to Mexico and using really awkward sign language doesn’t always work. Side note: learning another language is really hard and I bow down to every single person who knows more than one of them. If you ever give an English-speaking immigrant a hard time within earshot of me, you’re gonna need to prepare yourself for a beat-down.

Or any immigrant for that matter, but, hopefully you get my point.

After class, to celebrate my momentous anniversary, we went to a cool hip restaurant with two seemingly unrelated nouns for a name and had a fancy cocktail, but decided that if we wanted to pay our mortgage this month, maybe we’d better eat elsewhere. So, we went to my happy place:

Abyssinia Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant on 4th Street in Santa Rosa, California. Yes, please!

Seriously, what is more Californian than having a fancy-pants cocktail at a swanky trendy tapas place, and in the same night digging into some Ethiopian/Eritrean food up to your elbows, after learning how to say “I’d like bread with butter, please” in Spanish earlier that day? Or constantly fantasizing about visiting Italy when already living in one of the most beautiful places around?


I’m pretty proud of myself for truly embracing my California lifestyle. How do you celebrate your Californianess? Or Wherever-you-come-from-ness? Let me know in the comments – I want to know how you do.

Want to know how I got to California? You can read about it Here…or Here…um, please don’t judge!



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