Writing Prompt: Travel

Oct 24, 2018

Travel: to move.

To me, travel isn’t just about jumping in the car or onto a plane – though that type of travel is a godsend, for real. I like to think of travel as movement – moving forward, moving backward (sometimes bad, sometimes okay, sometimes necessary). Shifting focus and seeing new things, or old things in a new light. All of this can be applied to visiting someplace new, but I try to take a minute from time to time to reflect on where I’ve come from and where I am now. Sometimes, I’m not pleased with the endpoint. Sometimes, I weep with gratitude.

Side note: I once became overwhelmed and wept while washing my hands in my bathroom. My soap dispenser is glass, and pretty, and it just hit me that I have a fancy-ass* soap dispenser in my bathroom! I came from a very dusty, dirty, rundown country farmhouse in the middle of nowhere Michigan, where the fleas just barely outnumbered the dogs, and we used a dried-up old sliver of cracked Dial soap in the one bathroom I shared with anywhere from 4 – 8 people on any given day. So for some reason, on this evening in my current home, I pumped some soap into my hands and just…lost it.

Look at this soap dispenser we have! I thought. It’s so beautiful! and I have a glass soap dispenser! I was blown away at my good fortune. I guess I never thought about things like soap receptacles being such an absolute blessing, you know?

Okay, I got off track, but that story is kind of perfect for what ‘travel’ means to me. Moving forward in life, through the turbulence (sometimes a lot. Sometimes A LOT a lot), and finding yourself in a place you never really knew you longed to be, even when you imagined it in a hundred different ways before. It’s about place, time, life. Internal and external.

That’s what travel means to me. What does it mean to you?


*I got this soap dispenser for like five bucks on sale at World Market. THANK YOU WORLD MARKET!



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