Giving myself a dumb New Year’s Resolution of not buying any new books in 2018 was just ridiculous. Do I have a pretty decent stack of books to read by my bed as we speak? YES. Do I also have a Little Free Library mere steps from my front door? ALSO YES. Does any of […]

The first time I ate sushi…oh, my god. What a mess. I was on a date…I think? I’d met this guy – okay, no: this man – while working at Barnes & Noble in Kalamazoo. I looked up a book he was on the hunt for. He hung around and was in the cafe when […]

I did my culinary research before visiting beautiful Bonaire – in that, I knew to expect the service to be slower than usual. The charming term for this is “Island Time” and, having been to an island before, I thought I was prepared. I was not. Here is my first tip for diners on Bonaire: […]

As a kid, my brother Jarrod’s bedroom window led out onto the part of our roof favored by all of us kids for its level of ease to climb on to and off of. It covered a portion of our cracked wraparound porch, the railing of which served as one step, the opened screen door […]

I left my ring in the airport bathroom and was on the plane before I noticed. I’d just given the flight attendants my usual assurance that if they had an empty seat to fill in First Class, I was more than willing to help them out by changing seats. This always makes them laugh, but […]

The River North Arts District, or RiNo, turned out to be my Denver Happy Place. I found it by mistake, getting from Point A to Point B using my most-trusted navigation app, Waze. Miss Wazee takes me some crazy roundabout routes, but I trust her. And I almost never stray from her direction – it […]

Pride of Place I’ll admit it: I’ve never been too proud of my country. I realize that’s a controversial thing to say, and I’ve never lived anywhere else so it’s also an ignorant thing to say. I get it. I’ll go a step further and acknowledge that I haven’t done much to change it, so […]

Well. Denver. Who knew? A friend asked why I was in Denver. Because texting is annoying and not terribly nuanced, I told him the following: Shortest Story: there was a sale on flights and I had miles Short Story: I need more places to write about for The Travel Season Long, Long, Long Story: my […]

My original intention for this week’s writing prompt was Halloween-based, as today is, well…Halloween. I was thinking about costumes and how a lot of people get suuuuuper into dressing up. I don’t, because I grew up way out in the country and we rarely did anything for Halloween because my mom couldn’t be bothered. If […]

Travel: to move. To me, travel isn’t just about jumping in the car or onto a plane – though that type of travel is a godsend, for real. I like to think of travel as movement – moving forward, moving backward (sometimes bad, sometimes okay, sometimes necessary). Shifting focus and seeing new things, or old […]