In case you don’t know this about me already, let me tell you: I’m kind of a big fan of Prince. If you’d like to read an emo account about how I came to his music, you can read about that HERE. If you’d like to read an equally emo account about how I made […]

So, ummm…why don’t we all live in Portland? I mean, I haven’t been to every city in the United States, but Portland has to be one of the absolute coolest, right? And I don’t think it’s just because they *have* to be cool to make up for the supposedly-crappy weather, either. I think Portland is […]

When enough people say to me “you really should check this place out,” I tend to listen. Sometimes even if said place involves hiking. On a recent trip to Denver, I was so surprised to find that the Red Rocks Amphitheater was just a short drive away (read: as usual, I did no research beforehand). […]

I did my culinary research before visiting beautiful Bonaire – in that, I knew to expect the service to be slower than usual. The charming term for this is “Island Time” and, having been to an island before, I thought I was prepared. I was not. Here is my first tip for diners on Bonaire: […]

The River North Arts District, or RiNo, turned out to be my Denver Happy Place. I found it by mistake, getting from Point A to Point B using my most-trusted navigation app, Waze. Miss Wazee takes me some crazy roundabout routes, but I trust her. And I almost never stray from her direction – it […]

Well. Denver. Who knew? A friend asked why I was in Denver. Because texting is annoying and not terribly nuanced, I told him the following: Shortest Story: there was a sale on flights and I had miles Short Story: I need more places to write about for The Travel Season Long, Long, Long Story: my […]

I wanted to go to Big Sur because my lover had never been there, despite having grown up in California. How often do I get to introduce someone to new magic in their own backyard? And yes, I’ll admit it: I used this as an excuse to pay a long-overdue visit my First Big California […]

When I landed at the Sydney Airport in Australia with three long, unplanned months ahead of me and only $400 in my pocket, I wasn’t sure what I’d been thinking. But, there I was, navigating toward baggage claim and then letting myself be pulled into Sydney proper, to a hostel, then to the first of […]

The Firstborn loves a chilly getaway, so for his 15th birthday he chose a trip to San Francisco’s Outer Sunset district. Having never spent more than an hour or so in this part of the city, I was 100 percent on board. Letting one’s offspring choose our travel destinations doesn’t always pan out, but this […]

I went to Australia on a whim. Yes, I know: that seems like a pretty big whim. It was. But when at a point in life during which you can jump at weird opportunities…why not? I was working as a hostess at Roy’s at Spanish Bay, at Pebble Beach. I was dating a wonderful man. […]