Oh, Mendocino!

Apr 15, 2019

As magical places go, the Mendocino Coast is way, way up there on the top of the list. The combination of bright, grassy greens, dramatic rolling drop-offs, crashing blue-grey ocean waters and majestic, towering redwoods dotting the landscape make this super-chill destination spot one of my all-time favorites. And let’s face it – we all […]

A recent gift sent me on a very unexpected, and somewhat brief, journey into the self-care world. Granted, I’m flirting a little with some aspects of the concept, and find myself eavesdropping on conversations happening in the self-care coffee shop of my imagination, but I am still figuring out how to fully embrace it. It’s […]

The Firstborn loves a chilly getaway, so for his 15th birthday he chose a trip to San Francisco’s Outer Sunset district. Having never spent more than an hour or so in this part of the city, I was 100 percent on board. Letting one’s offspring choose our travel destinations doesn’t always pan out, but this […]

Monday was my 21st Caliversary…that’s right, I’ve now lived in California for more than half of my life. DID I CELEBRATE?! You know it! First, I worked my butt off because living in California, especially in the Bay Area, means you gotta hustle to pay those bills – BAM! Next, I put a few more […]

Based on the advice of one of our older and wiser friends, we took a beautiful detour along the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta on our way back from an otherwise nondescript trip to Sacramento, and spent a couple of hours in the teeny-tiny historic town of Locke, in California. This is a town which was […]

In my line of work, I get asked all the time for quick-trip suggestions. Even though I draw a blank whenever my kids ask what we’re going to do on any particular day, I have a lot of suggestions for others! By the way: what ever happened to kids just being bored all summer? What’s […]

I recently took a Stastrocation…which is a really awkward and complicated way of saying I took a Staycation at The Astro. Okay, starting over: I recently took a Staycation at The Astro in Santa Rosa, California, which happens to be the town in which I currently live. Needless to say, my travel day was a […]

Summertime…am I right?  So many more hours in the day to fill, so many more opportunities to…Read. All. Damn. Day. Hallelujah, I freaking love summer!  Sure, there are people out there who enjoy doing other things, like maybe hiking or becoming enlightened through sunrise meditations and whatnot, but I am not one of those people. […]