A recent gift sent me on a very unexpected, and somewhat brief, journey into the self-care world. Granted, I’m flirting a little with some aspects of the concept, and find myself eavesdropping on conversations happening in the self-care coffee shop of my imagination, but I am still figuring out how to fully embrace it. It’s […]

Awwwww yeah my people, it’s the season of giving! We are about to get cuh-razy in here with the complete and total randomness of this guide – you are welcome in advance. See, I’ve never been terribly organized, very polished, much of a pre-planner…you get the idea. So perhaps my sending you this guide on […]

Giving myself a dumb New Year’s Resolution of not buying any new books in 2018 was just ridiculous. Do I have a pretty decent stack of books to read by my bed as we speak? YES. Do I also have a Little Free Library mere steps from my front door? ALSO YES. Does any of […]

My original intention for this week’s writing prompt was Halloween-based, as today is, well…Halloween. I was thinking about costumes and how a lot of people get suuuuuper into dressing up. I don’t, because I grew up way out in the country and we rarely did anything for Halloween because my mom couldn’t be bothered. If […]

The Firstborn loves a chilly getaway, so for his 15th birthday he chose a trip to San Francisco’s Outer Sunset district. Having never spent more than an hour or so in this part of the city, I was 100 percent on board. Letting one’s offspring choose our travel destinations doesn’t always pan out, but this […]